Why Frenchmen are not fat

Why Frenchmen likewise heavy to drink wine is loud to wipe out the bread, cheese and dessert, but do overweight or fat Americans far exceed Frenchmen?

For this reason, an investigation which the scientists of U.S.A. and France jointly carry on, the result shows: Some factors beyond the food influence the weight too.

Usually people all study the fat problem in terms of nutrition including food quality and quantity. But this time researchers should understand the impact on weight of other factors, they do not think these factors can be ignored either.

U.S.A. Connell university and researcher of French commercial management college of Europe elaborate a questionnaire, list and stop six major reasons to eat, three belong to " the inherent signal " ,For example not " eat when having enough me " ,Other three belong to " The external signal " ,For example " the TV programme which I watched has not been taken when finishing me " . They give this questionnaire to the university students of U.S.A. and France, the investigation result reveals, Americans' diet behavior receives the external factor of great impact, but Frenchmen are mainly influenced by inherent signal.

Pierre and Shang Dong who participates in this research thinks, France is still following some traditional diet rules, for example not eat between two meal, eat and pay attention to certain order,etc.. Some habits and customs and rhythm can help people place diet of health further. But U.S.A. so, U.S.A. one country that a number of nationalities merge, people from different place, each traditional cooking culture keep while being very much difficult, and the quantity of a dish is usually bigger in the American restaurant.

So, want and do struggle fatly, some factors having nothing to do with the food must be taken into account!
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by maylung | 2008-08-25 16:20